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    Ford EcoBoost Truck Engines

    Last updated 2 days 11 hours ago

    The cost-effective and environmentally friendly Ford EcoBoost engine debuted in 2010. This family of turbocharged, direct injected, gasoline engines was produced by the Ford Motor Company and co-developed by FEV Engineering.  Since then, Ford Motor Company has tweaked, improved and optimized this technology to achieve approximately 20% better fuel efficiency and 15% reduced greenhouse emissions than larger engine types that deliver the same power but require more fuel and emit additional toxins into the environment. In contrast to the power output and fuel efficiency of hybrid and diesel technologies, the EcoBoost engine is an affordable and versatile alternative. 
    The predicted success of the EcoBoost engines was similar to that of the VTEC engine for Honda in the 1990’s.  Although it was a drastic change for an automotive industry leader known for its powerful V8 engines and sturdy façade, Ford executives knew they were making the right decision.  The beauty of the EcoBoost engine is in the design and in its production.  Where hybrids are environmentally friendly, it costs more to manufacture and produce these environmentally friendly vehicles.  However, the EcoBoost engines cost far less to manufacture and the end product is the lean mean powerhouse of sophisticated performance we are used to.  
    EcoBoost complements Ford’s line of trucks and vehicles as engines that are worthy of pulling large loads up steep hills. On the other hand, these agile engines also work well for those looking to stomp on the gas pedal!  The EcoBoost engines turbo up instantly with powerful torque and a controlled acceleration; all while conveying its unrivaled towing capacity.  
    Because the United States Congress recently passed laws that call for automakers to begin to produce vehicles with substantially greater fuel efficiency every year, the EcoBoost engines surpassed all requirements on fuel efficiency.  However, when Ford set out to improve the fuel economy of their cars and trucks, they did not want to compromise power and speed.  Ford knew their customers would want to have their cake and eat it too! The most effective solution was to combine turbo speed, direct injection and variable camshafts to create an engine that is economical to manufacture and resell, small in stature but strong in performance and true to the Ford standard.  
    So the question becomes; is EcoBoost worth serious contemplation? By 2015, virtually all Ford models will offer an EcoBoost variant.  Most of the ford models will only offer the EcoBoost system at the very top end of their model line. For example, The Ford F-150 uses EcoBoost to replace its high end V8 model.  The standard V6 version is still available but the newer technology of the EcoBoost engine is sure to impress.
    Regardless of whether EcoBoost is at the top or lower ends of the model lineup spectrum, the technology is sound. It adds power and lifts acceleration without the disadvantage of higher gas expenses and mileage. The EcoBoost engine brings consumers the exciting delivery of a turbocharged engine and we recommend that you try it out and be amazed at its brilliance.
    Stop in today to Winner Ford in Cherry Hill, NJ to see and test drive the EcoBoost engine yourself!

    Getting to Know the Stylish and Versatile Ford Flex

    Last updated 1 month ago

    The Ford Flex is an incredibly stylish and versatile member of the Ford lineup. With its unique styling and exceptional capabilities, the Flex may be the vehicle that you have been waiting for. Ford has engineered the Flex with a range of thoughtful features and technology options that will add comfort and convenience to your daily drives. Let’s take a closer look at what the 2014 Ford Flex has to offer you.

    Stunning Style

    The 2014 Ford Flex will stand out from the pack of other SUVs on the road. This unique Ford model has been crafted with bold exterior lines and an eye-catching silhouette. When you choose the appearance package, your Flex will be enhanced with a black painted roof and gorgeous aluminum wheels. If you are shopping for a vehicle that expresses your personal style, the Ford Flex may be the perfect model for you.

    Exceptional Comfort

    The 2014 Ford Flex will provide you and your passengers with exceptional comfort as you are traveling down the road. With its best-in-class-legroom, the Flex offers plenty of space for your passengers in the second and third rows. To enhance the convenience of your drive, the Flex also contains thoughtfully placed storage and cargo areas.

    Advanced Technology

    Ford has engineered the Flex with all of the technology that you need to keep in pace with your modern life. From behind the wheel, you will enjoy smart features, such as the SYNC with MyFord Touch infotainment system. Other great options include available all-wheel drive and an optional rear view camera.

    To tour the stunning features of the 2014 Ford Flex in person, pay a visit to Winner Ford of Cherry Hill. Our dealership provides South Jersey with a fantastic inventory of new Ford cars, trucks, and fleet vehicles, and our sales team will help you purchase the perfect car for your needs. Call us at (856) 428-4000 to schedule a test drive of a new Ford today. 

    Key Features of Ford's SYNC Technology

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Ford’s SYNC system has been designed to add a new level of convenience and safety to your driving experience. Ford has engineered the SYNC system with a range of features that are designed with the needs of the modern driver in mind. Using SYNC, you will be able to access your smartphone, favorite media, and favorite apps. With its voice-activated capabilities, SYNC will ensure that you are safely connected when you are behind the wheel. In addition, SYNC can be paired to a color navigation screen, cluster screen, or stack screen.

    If you would like to explore the unique capabilities of Ford’s SYNC system for yourself, be sure to pay a visit to Winner Ford of Cherry Hill. We are pleased to provide our many satisfied customers in the South Jersey area with an outstanding inventory of new Ford cars and trucks. Call (856) 428-4000 to set up a test drive at our friendly dealership. 

    Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Ford

    Last updated 2 months ago

    If you are planning on taking a road trip this summer, it is important to make sure that your Ford car or truck is ready to handle hotter temperatures and more miles on the road. During the summer, many of the most important systems of your Ford can experience additional wear and strain. By performing seasonal maintenance on your Ford, you will ensure that your vehicle will provide you with exceptional driving experiences, all summer long. Here is an overview of some summer maintenance tips for your Ford.

    Care for Your Tires

    Your Ford’s tires require additional care during the summer months. When you are driving on hot asphalt, your tires are at an increased risk of experiencing a blowout. To make sure that you arrive at your destination safely, it is a great idea to check your tire tread wear and inflation on a monthly basis. If your tires seem excessively worn, you may want to consider purchasing a new set.

    Change Your Oil

    During the summer months, it is important to keep up with routine maintenance procedures, such as oil changes. By changing your oil during the summer, you will keep all of the important components of your engine in smooth working condition.

    Maintain Your Radiator

    Your radiator and cooling system will prevent your Ford from overheating on a hot summer day. When you are preparing for a driving excursion during the summer, it is a great idea to check your radiator and coolant levels. If your coolant is low, you can replace any lost fluid with a mixture of water and antifreeze.

    At Winner Ford of Cherry Hill, our expert service department will provide your Ford with a complete range of maintenance procedures and repairs. When you purchase a new or used Ford from our highly rated dealership, we will provide you with a fantastic car shopping experience. To set up a test drive of a Ford car or truck in South Jersey, call us at (856) 428-4000. 

    Features of the Ford Electric Vehicle Lineup

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Ford’s new lineup of vehicles includes a great inventory of fully electric models. These vehicles will allow you to skip the gas station altogether. With their exceptional performance ratings and premium features, Ford’s electric vehicles will take your daily drives to a new level of excellence. To take a peek at the features of the Ford electric vehicle lineup, watch this video from Ford. 

    At Winner Ford of Cherry Hill, our knowledgeable sales team will be happy to answer all of your questions about the new electric vehicles from Ford. When you visit our South Jersey Ford dealership, we will work closely with you to help you select the right Ford car or truck for your driving needs. To learn more about our new hybrid and electric Ford inventory, call us at (856) 428-4000. 

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